On the previous post I mentioned that Oslo is a very beautiful city, but way too overrated. Well, the problem with Oslo is not the attractions or the view, which by the way are amazing, but the price you pay for EVERYTHING in Oslo (and probably in the whole Norway) is EXTREMELY high. In other words, it’s worth a visit, of course, but it’s not as awesome as people say it is. We had a lot more fun in Copenhagen (and in some of the other cities we visited after Oslo), and spent less than half of the money there… Not even our good old friend McDonald’s could save us in Norway!

Getting back to the trip itself, we arrived as (almost) real Vikings to the city: by ship, the one we had boarded in Copenhagen the night before. The view when the ship is approaching Oslo is gorgeous, and the blue sky just made it even more beautiful. Then after leaving our stuff at the Anker Hotel Oslo, which was too expensive but not even half as good, we went for a walk close to the sea around the Oslo City Hall and the Akershus Fortress, which was nice but not spectacular. Then we went to one of the best museums I’ve ever been, the Viking Ship Museum! This is exactly what I was looking for in Norway: something 100% Viking, something that really represents the Norse heritage and its importance to the world! There are three amazing REAL Viking ships at the museum (Oseberg, Gokstad and Tune), as well as many other original artifacts, clothes and weapons used by the Vikings. Just connect to the museum’s free Wi-Fi and you can spend hours there learning more and more about the Norsemen. A must-see attraction for sure!

Two other nice attractions were the Oslo Opera House, where due to its design you can walk up the roof and enjoy a great view of the city; and the Frogner Park/Vigeland Park, beautiful and full of sculptures designed by an artist named Gustav Vigeland.

09 Oslo01

The next day was very busy, but just thanks to the Oslo Pass, which gives you free entry to all the important museums (including the Viking Ship Museum) and free public transportation. Believe me, if you do not purchase this pass, get ready to spend TONS of money within a few hours!

We started the day at the nice Holmenkollen Ski Museum, which has an amazing ski jump and a museum that is excellent for ski lovers. The weather was not great, but at least it wasn’t raining. Then we went on an Oslo fjord boat tour that took us around the whole city and its surrounding islands, and right after we spent a couple of hours at the neighborhood of Tjuvholmen. A nice walk, but remember: all restaurants are pricey, so just sit down to eat there if you really have money.

The next morning (our last hours in Oslo) was reserved for a visit to the Historical Museum with all its cool Egyptian mummies, Norwegian antiquity, Medieval gallery and many other attractions.

10 Oslo02

As I said a thousand times about Oslo, it’s definitely worth a visit, but I was expecting a lot more based on what people say and what I see on the news about Norway. They might be the richest Scandinavian country, but I don’t know, there’s something missing in Norway when you compare it to the other countries in Scandinavia. I’m not saying it isn’t beautiful and fun, nor that I don’t want to go back there, it’s just that it’s as costly as hell to be there even for a couple of days! 😉

Next stop: the amazing Stockholm, Sweden!

“Ósnjallr maðr
hyggsk munu ey lifa,
ef hann við víg varask;
en elli gefr
hánum engi frið,
þótt hánum geirar gefi.”


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