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As Amon Amarth would say, “Oden! Guide our ships! Our axes, spears and swords!” It was a huge pleasure to return to such an amazing city as Stockholm, Sweden, and this time we were able to do a lot more things than when I was there by myself back in 2006.

One thing that I must say about Sweden is that it’s a lot more Heavy Metal than Norway… I was expecting to see lots of Black Metal fans in Oslo with their corpse painting, leather and spikes, but I left the city without seeing not even one of those. On the other hand, in Stockholm it seems 90% of the population loves Metal! Well, they have lots of excellent reasons for that: the Viking Metal of Amon Amarth, the Melodic Death Metal masters of Arch Enemy, the cool headbangin’ girls from Crucified Barbara etc.

But let’s focus on the trip… We had so many good moments in Stockholm that it would take hours to list all of them. Some of the top attractions that you cannot miss are the Skyview, with a 360° view of the entire city; Gamla Stan, or The Old Town, especially to see the change of guards at the Royal Palace; or simply walk downtown to do some shopping, eat at a nice restaurant and visit some museums.

11 Stockholm01

For me, the most badass attraction of all in Stockholm is definitely the Vasa Museum. I enjoyed A LOT the Viking ships in Oslo, but I must admit I got extremely impressed with Vasa! According to Vasa’s official website, the ship sank on her maiden voyage in Stockholm 1628 and was salvaged 1961. The museum was opened in 1990, and it’s basically the entire huge ship inside it, cannons, sculptures, skeletons from the crew, and many other cool things related to the ship! And as in the Viking Museum, there’s an audio guide available through their free WiFi,  which makes the experience even more memorable. DO NOT MISS IT IF YOU VISIT STOCKHOLM! (Unless you’re an idiot, of course!)

12 Stockholm02

Then our pursuit of Vikings was rewarded with an awesome dinner at a true Viking restaurant called Aifur! The decoration is Viking, the food is Viking, the beer is Viking, even the host is Viking… He screams your name and where you’re from to the entire restaurant when you arrive, and everybody salutes you in a very Viking way. Then you share a table with complete strangers (we had the pleasure of sharing it with a nice couple from Switzerland and a father with his two kids from Sweden), and enjoy some Viking dishes such as the Mooseman´s plate (my choice!), King Bjorn´s Birka style Pike-Perch, Rurik´s Feast or Plate from Stallarholmen. So don’t waste your time: make your reservations and ALL HAIL ODIN!

13 Stockholm03

And as we did from Copenhagen to Oslo, nothing better than traveling through Scandinavia by ship! This time we took an overnight cruise through the Baltic Sea with a company called Tallink Silja Line, from Stockholm to my beloved Helsinki! The ship is great, the view of the Stockholm archipelago is great, you can enjoy some drinks, karaoke, duty free… I can’t wait to do everything again!

14 Stockholm04

And finally after 7 loooooooooong years, on my next post, the return to the one and only Land of Ice and Snow!

“We are brothers
Of the north
Who are sharing the all father’s blood

Marching down the left hand path
We are spawned by asagods
‘Cause we are!

We’re the guardians
Guardians of Asgaard”