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This is the last post of a trip that happened over 2 months ago… I know it took me a while to write about all the cities and countries we visited, but it’s summertime here and I have no time to stay home in front of the computer! So let’s start with Prague and then go to the German cities… Just a quick summary of each city, as I have other things to do!


Lots of rain, floods, no boat rides, no sun at all… Seeing such a pleasant city as Prague in those conditions was really sad. The Vltava River was too high, muddy, many restaurants by the river were closed due to the water levels, and there was nothing left for the average tourist to do but walk around the city to visit some other main attractions like the Charles Bridge, the Old Town, the St. Vitus Cathedral or the Castle District. However, if you’re not an average tourist and the weather is a piece of sh*t in Prague, here are some suggestions: visiting the Lennon Wall, having a beer by “train” at the Výtopna Restaurant, and especially visiting the insane KGB Muzeum. There are lots of cool things at this museum, for example the pack of cigarettes that is actually a gun and the metal beetle used to snort cocaine by its antennas!

27 Prague01
28 Prague02


I’ll be honest with you: we were not in Frankfurt because of its attractions… It’s kind of a boring city compared to the other places we visited… We were there for a much better reason: SCREAM FOR ME, FRANKFURT! SCREEEEAAAAAAAM FOR MEEEEEE, FRANKFUUUUUURT! This was my fourth Maiden England concert, and it might not have been the best one (Toronto was a billion times better!) but it was amazing anyway! The best part of this concert was having such a good old friend by our side. I can’t remember how many Maiden gigs we’ve been together so far… And check out the video from my favorite song from this tour: THE PRISONER! “I’m not a number, I’m a free man!”

29 Frankfurt01
30 Frankfurt02


Another day/night with good friends, and a visit to the awesome BMW Museum! Our time was short in Munich, but we tried to enjoy it as much as possible as you can see!

31 Munich01


Berlin? Ah, Berlin! NOWHERE-NEAR-BERLIN! (if you have no idea of what this is, click HERE)

Of course we had a good time there! We visited all attractions (Checkpoint Charlie, Reichstag, Soviet War Memorial, Brandenburg Gate etc.), but the best part by far was the East Side Gallery: a 1.3km-long section of the Berlin Wall, the longest remaining piece of it, with around 106 paintings by artists from all over the world that make it so unique and beautiful that you even forget how bad the original purpose of the wall was. Check out some of the pics we took there and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

32 Berlin01
33 Berlin02


As Bruce said during the concert in Frankfurt, “Do not waste your time searching for those Trooper Beers!” I’m pretty sure he said that because the Trooper Beer some guys were selling outside of the venue were fake, so I didn’t try it… However, I had the chance to try so many different and good beers during our journey that I’m not sad at all because I couldn’t get a Trooper one! Here are my top picks:

1. BrowArmia Blanche (Warsaw, Poland) – Best beer I’ve ever had! Unfortunately it can only be found at the BrowArmia Restaurant in Warsaw, so I’ll have to wait a while until I can have it again. And I don’t care if the website says it’s popular especially amongst women. It is beer, it can be too feminine. 😉

2. Skands Sjøben (Copenhagen, Denmark) – Another awesome beer that I have absolutely no idea where to find except for the DFDS Seaways cruise from Copenhagen to Oslo. The waiter explained the name of the beer to us, it’s something like “sea legs”, because that’s how your legs feel after a trip through the sea or drinking this beer: they start shaking. Pretty cool name for an excellent beer.

3. Tuborg Classic (Copenhagen, Denmark) – An excellent beer for people like me that don’t enjoy dark beers, but are willing to try something not so light. I had the chance to try it (twice) at the Carlsberg Museum, and can’t wait to have it again. Let’s see if the Beer Store helps me with that.

There were many other good beers on my way, like the Falcon in Sweden, the Tyskie in Poland and the Baltika in Russia. And you might not believe this, but the worst ones were from what people call the land of beer: Germany. They might be the land of A LOT OF beer, but not of the best ones for sure!

34 European Beers

And this, my friends, is (finally) the end of our Eurotrip 2013…

“So understand
Don’t waste your time always searching for
those wasted BEERS
Face up… make your stand
And realise you’re living in the golden years”