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Well, I was going to make a post exclusively about Warsaw, but as I haven’t had enough time lately to update this blog properly, I’ll summarize the rest of my trip by talking about Poland on this post, and then Czech Rep and Germany on the next one.


So after 5 years I had another chance to visit the city of Warsaw, and again it was great! What a beautiful and pleasant city… It seems that Poland is getting better and better, and that the problems we can see in any other EU country do not exist in Poland, or at least they are not so visible. And one thing that Poland offers its tourists that you cannot find in almost any other country in Europe is CHEAP and AWESOME food! We ate like a king and a queen there, it was simply amazing, and we spent probably less than half of any meal in Norway or Sweden. A place that I do recommend if you enjoy cheese, cold cuts and beer is a restaurant called BrowArmia: we just loved it, and I had the BEST beer of my entire trip there. They’re a microbrewery, which means instead of having those large-scale commercial beers, they have their own local one, and believe me, it’s amazing, much better than any German beer… But I’ll talk in details about the beers I had on another post…
21 Warsaw01
This time in Warsaw was a little different from 2008 mainly due to our visit to the National Stadium, which was built for the Euro 2012 and is now the home stadium for Poland’s national soccer team. It’s pretty easy to get there, and their World of Great Football exhibition is definitely worth a visit: lots of cool jerseys, scarves, pictures, trophies etc.

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Warsaw is great, but Krakow is even better. We spent unforgettable days there, learned a lot about History, had excellent food and had a lot of fun with our Polish “family”. The city centre, called Stare Miasto in Polish (or Old Town), is part of the the UNESCO’s original World Heritage List, and it’s easy to understand why: the architecture is beautiful, there’s culture everywhere there, and the restaurants offer some delicious food for a very good price. Do I need to say that I want to get back there?

23 Krakow01

We took two amazing tours in Krakow, each to a completely opposite place: the first to one of the most depressing and sad places on Earth, the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp; and the next day to a very refreshing place, a 700-year old salt mine called Wieliczka.

Before we went to Auschwitz, I think I listened to my favorite song from Slayer (and one of my top songs ever from any band), the neck-breaking Angel Of Death, at least 10 times! It was impossible not to think about this song when I was heading to the concentration camp where around 1.3 million people were killed… A very sad part of our History, that (unfortunately) we must never forget…

“Auschwitz, the meaning of pain
The way that I want you to die
Slow death, immense decay
Showers that cleanse you of your life
Forced in
Like cattle
You run
Stripped of
Your life’s worth
Human mice, for the Angel of Death
Four hundred thousand more to die”

24 Krakow02

Then the next day we “refreshed” our minds and souls at the impressive Wieliczka Salt Mine. It’s said that the air inside the mine is excellent for your health, and they even have a health resort/spa inside the mine. Everything there is made of salt, including a huge chapel, many statues, the walls, the floor… We saw some kids literally licking the walls just to confirm everything was pure salt! If you visit Krakow, do not think twice: VISIT THE MINE!

25 Krakow03

And finally we had a perfect afternoon/evening/night with all our Polish friends! Guys and girls, you were GREAT! We’re here waiting for all of you in Canada for more fun. We felt like you were part of our family, and you made it feel like home for us in Poland. Dziękuję bardzo!

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We’re almost there… Two more countries to go! And as you all know… Iron Maiden’s gonna get ya, no matter how far!